Attending: Tammy Gatlin, Kathy Lofstuen, Sue Cooper, Jena Hart, Moira Olson, Peg Kirsh-Lee, Lynn Bergal, Karen Anderson , Gayle Thorton-Hennick, Tracy Sorenson, Deb Persson, Ann Cutts,  Deb Renier, Deb Repensky, Kim Carlin, Karen Anderson,  Kelly Guntzberger, Deena Noreen, Dana Cyr, Annette Walsh  Missing: Denise Olson, Deb Johnson, Nancy Kohlhaus, Karen Allison, Michelle Carlson


   Co-chairs: Kathy Lofstuen ( and Tammy Gatlin (

  • Introductions were made and general ANGP information discussed.
  • Info re the ANGP has been submitted regularly to the Greyhound Reader and updated on the East Home Page Tab.  Complete student and parent information is on our website at

   Registration and Treasury Chairs: Sue Cooper  ( and Jena Hart (

  • Sue and Jena have complete updated Registration and Treasury info, along with Budget information, on our password protected “reports” section of the website for any committee members.  Please contact a committee member if you need the password to view it. 
  • Parents can check the “registration” tab to see if their child is registered.  We currently have 171 students registered. (Class of 315)

   Volunteer Coordinator: Denise Olson (

  • Tammy wrote job descriptions and has been working with Patti Harvieux to get all of the jobs into the “volunteer” tab on the website.  We have 110 volunteers signed up to date, and the site organizes it into a spreadsheet.  There are a few mistakes but not many.  Most of the Sr parent slots are full.  We still need many Jr parents.  Encourage them to sign up!
  • Please tell people who want to volunteer to sign up online.
  • Denise Olson will be collecting names if people call with changes and making lists of corrections as needed.

   Entertainment co-chairs: Moira Olson (; and Deb Johnson-(

  • Annette Walsh is a new Sr Parent entertainment volunteer.  Thank you Annette!
  • Scheduled: Hypnotist, DJ, Fortune Teller, Magician, Hair/Nails, Photo Booth
  • Working on caricaturist, airbrush and henna tattoos, massage, and inflatables.
  • Many vendors increased their prices this year so we increased the entertainment budget accordingly.

   Food Chairs: Peg Lee  and Lynn Bergal (  Welcome to:Karen Anderson -now a foods committee member.

  • Discussion:
  • More vegetarian options needed in the menu.
  • Suggestion: Add “vegetarian” selection to next year’s registration form and use a different colored armband.
  •  Addition of salad -vegetarian option and for those who may not want meat?
  • Chicken strips instead of hot dogs?
  • DQ bike is a food item (not entertainment)

   Baggage- – Nancy Kohlhaus ( , Karen Allison (,  and Gayle Thorton Hennick (

  • Gayle is our new Transportation Chair and “Wristband Captain” for the post-commencement transportation of students to the party. Thank you!
  • Baggage ran smoothly last year and will be run similarly this year, in the same location off of the rink.

   Decorations committee: Kelly Guntzburger; (  and Michelle Carlson (  Deb Repensky; Anita Schendel, Marney Crandall,  Julie Perlinger 

  • Welcome Michelle Carlson as Kelly’s Co-Chair!
  • Theme will be the same as last year (Hounds and Paws) with no budget changes at this time.

   Baby/Grad Photo Chair: Deb Renier (

  • Not many photos in yet
  • Some people want their photos back.  Student responsibility to get them as they leave the ANGP.  Tammy will make this clear on the website.

   Donations Co-Chairs: Ann Cutts ( and Debi Persson (

  • Ann and Debi have done a great job with up to date collections and keeping track of the donations.  Complete info on our “reports” section on the website.
  • They will be looking for volunteers to help place follow- up phone calls to businesses.

   Prize Co-Chairs:  Kim Carlin ( and Tracy Sorenson (

  • Ready to start buying prizes!  Need a debit card.  Sue/Jena to arrange.
  • Kim and Tracy met with Dawn Cutler to exchange info from last year.

   Senior Video: Jessa Kohlhaus (Senior student)

   T-Shirts and Design:  Dena Cyr ( and Dana Noreen (

  • On The Limit cost for 250 shirts is $5.50 for S-XL, $7 for XXL and up, grey or ash color, 2 colors on the front and names on the back
  • Tammy emailed pictures of East to Dena, both as photos and pencil drawings.
  • Moira noted that Stewart-Taylor can do actual photos on the front (cost?)
  • T-shirts need to be READY at UMD for backpacks by 8:30 a.m.
  • T-Shirt committee can have names alphabetically taped on the shirts so backpack searchers and stuffers don’t have to look for sizes and match to names. (If desired by Backpack committee).
  • Need a few L t-shirts so late registrations can get one
  • Students who register late may not get a shirt