We are grateful for all the energy put forward in putting on the 2017 All Night Grad Party.

Committee Chairs:  Thanks to those who attended planning meeting on November 15.  Here’s who is in position to help provide leadership on committees.

  • Decorations & T-Shirts:  Dana McNamee and Lori Hanson
  • Food:  Sarah Meyer, Mary Shaw & Lisa Brown
  • Entertainment:  Tracy Davidson
  • Backpacks/Transportation:  Monica Mattila
  • Registration/Baby Grads:  Linda Martin and Jodi Stacken
  • Treasurer:  Stacy Milner
  • Volunteers/Security:  Val Hess
  • Fundraising: Doug Bowen-Bailey
  • Publicity:  Holly Bowen-Bailey (ANGP Facebook page), Stacey DeRoche (Duluth East Facebook page) & Doug Bowen-Bailey (website)

Apprenticeship:  It would be great to have more people join committees to learn the ropes and be able to take them over as we will have some parents who have students graduating and will be moving out of these positions.

Fundraising:  We decided to disperse the responsibility for contacting businesses by asking people to contact 5-10.  Doug has taken the 2016 donations list and separated out who donated last year and who didn’t.  PLEASE LOOK AT THE LIST AND IDENTIFY WHAT BUSINESSES (click on this link) and sign up to contact at least 5.  (If you don’t have a preference, contact Doug and he will assign you a block of businesses once others have picked.)

Fundraising Letter:  Doug updated the letter from last year.  You can see it here.  Please feel free to give suggestions for changes.  But then we can start using it in making requests.

Food:  Sarah and Mary shared that they have Green Mill scheduled to provide food on the night of the party.   Will have more options for special diets, like Gluten-Free.  Suggestion was made to try to contact Dunkin’ Donuts again as the donuts at the end of the night were appreciated by graduates.

Volunteer Sign-ups:  Doug had some problems with the link on teh web site and past e-mails.  That is now resolved and you can sign up by going to:  http://www.dulutheastgradparty.org/volunteer-sign-ups-for-the-angp/

Next Meeting:  Doug is trying to schedule a meeting on December 6 for doing some visioning about the event.    That is the night of the music fundraiser down at the Depot… so we might want to see if we can schedule it in close proximity to allow people to attend that.