REPORTS FROM ANGP CHAIRS AND COMMITTEES:  Announcements are in for Wednesday and Friday of this week.  A handout of information was prepared to give to the graduates at the Senior meeting, which will be held Thursday April 28th at 9:50 a.m. in the Little Theater.  Sue and Tammy will attend the meeting.  We may ask students to present some of the material. An informational note about the ANGP will be posted in the East office. 

         Registration and Treasury Chairs: Sue Cooper ( and Jena Hart ( We have 197 students registered to date, with 127 seniors not yet registered. Sue and Jena posted lists of the Seniors and their grad party status, including baby pictures, payments, signatures, and t-shirt sizes, on the trophy case by the office. This will hopefully remind students to sign up. Sue requested an “All call” from the East office but it has not been completed yet. Our budget for the ANGP is $23,375 and we are currently $8,420 short of that goal.  If approx. half of the 127 unregistered seniors sign up for the party, that will bring in an additional $3200, leaving us $5,220 remaining to be raised. We have $4,775 in reserve but would like to commit to only half of that money, if possible.

         Volunteer Coordinator: Denise Olson (  We still need about 30 more Jr parents!  Many slots do not last long- about 1 ½ hours. We especially need volunteers to ride the bus. Please ask parents to sign up to volunteer using our website, and to contact Denise with questions and concerns.  Denise will be sending out confirmation emails, maps for entry and parking, and job descriptions in the next few weeks.  Even committee members must sign up to be on the volunteer list to be allowed entry into the party- for security reasons and because we don’t want to overrun the Seniors with chaperones. 

         Entertainment co-chairs: Moira Olson (; and Deb Johnson-( Entertainment is set and is currently slightly under budget! Scheduled entertainment: Hypnotist, DJ, Fortune Teller, Magician, Hairstylist/Nails, Photo Booth, caricaturists, airbrush and henna tattoos, massage therapist, arcade games, climbing wall, and party inflatables- a 70 foot Obstacle Course, a Defender Dome, and potentially a 3rd game.  Also on the list are volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, dodge ball, a class flag, and the prize wheel. 

         Food Chairs: Peg Lee and Lynn Bergal (, and Jr parent help from Karen Anderson.  Peg is working with the DQ to hopefully secure the DQ bike and 250 Dilly Bars.  We historically buy the bars at cost.  Sue Cooper will help Peg contact the DQ.  Famous Dave’s will be providing 50 pounds of chicken tenders, 25 pounds of little smokies, 60 pounds of pulled pork with buns, 40 pounds of wings, nachos with cheese, grapes, and a leafy salad.  Veggie burgers will be provided on request.  Peg will double check with Famous Dave’s about the butane grill process needed for the veggie burgers, and ask about the provision of paper products (plates, napkins, silverware, etc). The price for Famous Dave’s will be about $5.50 per student. Other information- Denise Olson offered to contact Great Harvest Bread about providing 250 cookies for the party.  Michelle Carlson offered to check with Super One about water, beverage (and other) donations. Sno Kones will be provided but could be eliminated if necessary.  Peg will ask if smaller syrup containers are available as we only went through a fraction of them last year. Kathy will ask Chris if we can have Sno Kones near the rink area. Sue will get the ice for them and maybe for coolers from Billy’s Bar.  There will not be popcorn this year. Ask Burger King for donations of cups for the Sno Kones when they are asked for food or prize donations (donations committee). Peg will request donations of water and beverages from the coke dealer. She will need to contact Chris ASAP so that any orders can be piggybacked on UMD’s last order before the end of the year. The ANGP committee discussed providing additional water at the end of the party but no breakfast as students have not been interested in food as they leave. 

         Baggage Chairs: Nancy Kohlhaus ( , Karen Allison (,  along withTransportation and Wristband coordinator Gayle Thorton Hennick -( – no changes or updates at this time.

       Decorations: Co-Chairs Kelly Guntzburger; (  and Michelle Carlson ( . The decorations committee has made progress with a few of the decorations. Candy can go in the hound bowls if they have any money left to purchase candy, although fewer pieces than last year would be needed.  They would like a map and outline of the entertainment plans as soon as they are made, so that decorating plans can follow.  Kelly would like to go to UMD to look at the removable hockey walls around the rink area and request a similar set up as was done last year.  Their committee can do this independently.

        Baby/Grad Photos Chair: Deb Renier ( A request for photos will be added to an all call to Senior parents, and to upcoming announcements.  Deb will start making displays to post in the next week or two. She requested poster board from Denise.   Deb will need to get a list of photos submitted to date to Sue and Jena so that their posted information will accurately reflect picture status.

        Donations Co-Chairs: Ann Cutts ( and Debi Persson ( Ann and Debi have 4 people making follow up to businesses to raise the needed additional funds, and tonight we looked at the solicitation list to encourage other people to help with phone calls.  Some committee members were willing to make a few calls, led by Denise, who took several.  Ann and Debi will track the calls and the progress, along with continuing to make calls on their own.  A request was made to please let the donations committee know if any prizes or donations are picked up or arranged by anyone other than them so that “thank you” notes are appropriately sent.  A request for 500-1000 paper cups will be made to Burger King, along with a request for additional food or prizes, as orange juice will not be needed this year (BK has been donating orange juice for the last few years). Ann and Debi will send out an additional email letter to parents again requesting donations. 

        Prizes Co-Chairs:  Kim Carlin ( and Tracy Sorenson (  No prizes have been purchased to date but some are collected already in the form of donations.  Tracy indicated a willingness to contact some of the businesses to request prizes or donations.

        Senior Video: Jessa Kohlhaus (Senior student) – Tammy will touch base with Jessa and the yearbook advisor, Kirsten Peterson, to make sure the video is on track.

        T-Shirts and DesignDena Cyr ( and Dana Noreen ( Final t-shirt approval was made and Dena is checking the registration numbers weekly. Shirts will be ordered May 16 with about 10-20 extra.  They will re-evaluate the orders one week from grad night, and will be able to rush any additional shirts needed at that time.   Dena and Dana will bring the t-shirts to UMD by 8:30 a.m. on graduation morning so that they will be available immediately when the backpacks arrive.

Our next meeting will be Monday May 16th, tentatively scheduled for 4 pm at UMD. This meeting will include only those committee members who want to meet one more time before the party.  Watch your email and the website for the exact place and time.  Thank you! Tammy and Kathy