Committee Chairs

      • ANGP Chairs: Colleen Holliday, Charity Kaspar, Jodi Stacken
      • Treasurer:  Rhonda Lemon
      • Registration Chair:  Jodi Stacken
      • Food Chairs: Chrissy Bradley
      • Entertainment Chairs: Julia Sampson
      • Backpacks & Transportation Chairs:
      • Fundraising:  OPEN- Everyone
      • Donations, Prizes, and Raffle Chair: 
      • Webpage Updates and Communication: Martha Han
      • Baby & Grad Photos Chairs: Martha Han, Jodi Stacken
      • Decorations & T-Shirt Chairs: 
      • Volunteer Coordinator & Security:  Martha Han
      • Denfeld Contacts

If you are interested in being a part of a committee, please:

Contact the Committee Chair via ANGP Email