As submitted by Kathy Lofstuen

Attending:  Kathy Lofstuen, Jena Hart, Chris Holappa, Peg Van House, Lisa Harma, Dena Cyr, Gayle Thornton-Henneck, Michelle Carlson, Moira Olson, Deb Repensky, and Kim Gilbertson

ANGP Co-chairs – Kathy Lofstuen did make phone contact with Chris Stevens at UMD to triple make sure we are on his calendar; We are will set up a meeting with Chris in May.  Chairs were reminded to get in procedures and timelines to Teresa.

Treasurer and Registration chair – Jena Hart reported 158 registered but only 112 paid.  The April 1 deadline of $50.00 vs. $60.00 registration fee is fast approaching.  Jena will call those who have registered but not paid to get their payment in before the April 1 deadline.  In addition, an ALL CALL will be made SOON to those seniors who have not registered.  In late April, early May, Jena will post information for seniors to let them know what they still need to do to register/attend the party.

Donations chair – Chris Holappa reported $4,455.00 in monetary donations have come in—AMAZING!  Many prize donations have also come in.  Follow up phone calls to those who received letters and have not donated will be made in late April.

Entertainment co-chairs – Peg Van House and Lisa Harma reported all entertainment is booked. The question was asked about the rock wall fee and whether it is was in our UMD fee/budget line or comes out of entertainment’s budget.  If it is already included in the UMD fee, Peg and Lisa would have $250.00 more to hire another hair cutter.  Kathy will look at her records and ask Chris at UMD.

Security/ Volunteer chair – Teresa Norberg-King reported via email that there still are volunteer spots to fill.  PLEASE help get the word out to junior and sophomore parents that we need volunteers.  Teresa also submitted an article for the April Greyhound reader.  She will also arrange for the ALL CALL and daily announcements to be made regarding the ANGP.

T-shirt chair – Dena Cyr got permission from the artist Tim Cortes to use the new greyhound on the t-shirts. The t-shirts will be ice grey.  Dena will bring a few designs for the committee to vote at the next meeting.

Baby and graduate pictures chair – Amy Schneider reported via email that she only has about 40 baby/grad pictures.  The request to get your baby/grad pictures in will be included in the ALL CALL.  Amy will also make a grad/baby poster sample to put up to encourage seniors to get pictures in. Amy also needs to include on the website what pictures she already has….PLEASE get a hold of Teresa on how to do this.

Food co-chairs – Peg Lee and Karen Andersen – no report

Baggage/ Transportation/Wristbands co-chairs – Karen Allison and Gayle Thornton-Hennick reported that six buses have been reserved…more can be reserved as needed. This includes the bus that will pick up bus chaperones at UMD to bring them to the DECC.  Bus costs so far are about $500.00.

Decorations co-chairs –Michelle Carlson and Moira Olson reported that there will be decorations.  Chris told the decoration committee that a donation from Stewart Taylor had been made for signs and such.  They will contact Stewart Taylor.

Prize co- chairs– Kim Gilbertson and Jill Solem – They have not started buying yet…but soon.

Senior Video- Birchlog Staff…Karen Allison contact – no report

Photo Booth/Jack Rendulich contact- Maria Woods- no report

Video contact – George Swanson does the video during the graduation.  Kathy Lofstuen- no report

Web Site– Pattie Harvieux- no report

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, April 23 at 6:30 pm in the EHS Choir room