–submitted by Teresa Norberg-King

Attendees:  Kathy Lofstuen, Teresa Norberg-King, Chris Holappa, Jena Hart, Peg VanHouse, Michelle Carlson, Kim Gilbertson,  Lisa Harma, Valerie Hess,  Karen Allison, and Peg Kirsch Lee.

ANGP Party OverviewKathy Lofstuen asked that all chairs describe their timelines/tasks for preparation for the next year’s committee as much of the process has been done by the same people for the last six years.  Teresa has volunteered to create a handbook of what materials we use on the webpage. She will also put together the timeline for the ANGP committees. As committee chairs “do things” please email Teresa and tell her what you did, dates, and other important information.  If you have written procedures and general guidelines that are in your book; please let Teresa know, as she’ll incorporate that into the ‘overall’ planning document.  Please do send Teresa your information by email or bring any hard copy to the next meeting.  All information and details are appreciated.

Kathy Lofstuen discussed the plans for the committee and noted that this is her last year as Chair.  The grad party is not sponsored by the school.  The school supports us but the party is planned and facilitated by the parents.  The location for the event is the UMD Sports and Recreation facility (the ice rink, the entry to the overlook to the ice rink, the two new gyms, various fitness rooms, the Romano gym and the rock wall.) Students are bused from DECC to UMD immediately following the graduation ceremony.    The timeline of party:

  • 9:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.   Event with entertainment and food available
  • 9:30 to 10:00 p.m.       Students arrive by bus at UMD
  • 1:30 a.m.                       Start to move students to Romano Gym
  • 1:45 a.m.                       Hypnotist
  • 3:00 a.m.                      Senior Video
  • 3:30 a.m.                      Prize give away
  • 4:00 a.m.                      Students dismissed -must have own transportation home

Baggage:  Karen Allison noted some changes to the volunteer slots. She will increase the number of buses if we have 300 students.

Food: Peg Kirsch Lee, co-chair reported that it’s too early to make arrangements as the number of attendees is needed.  More to come as the party nears.

T-shirts – Dena Cyr asked for input on designs for the shirt, being cognizant that it’s the year of blended schools and to keep that in mind. She will have some design ideas to share at the next meeting.

Entertainment– Peg Van House has made contacts and booked the various entities for the party.  It was also noted for all committees to be aware that we have 403 students and the number of party attendees could be 300 total (based on estimates from previous year’s attendance.)

Baby and grad pictures chair:   Amy Schneider:  no report.  Request for photos will be added to an all call to senior parents and to upcoming announcements.

Decorations:  There was no report at this meeting.

Web Site: Viewed the webpage, and made sure the folks who need access to reporting spreadsheets know how to access the Google documents webpage until the links are made on the webpage.

Donations:  Chris Holappa reported that we have about $2,500 in donations at this time.  We’re a bit ahead of schedule, as requests went out earlier than in previous years.

Prizes:  Kim Gilbertson indicated that the goal is to have a prize for all students.  They will need to figure out how to track who’s won a prize, and how to register for the big prizes at the end of the night. Kim was given the donations that Chris has received to date.

Security/ Volunteer:   Teresa Norberg-King reported that articles were in the January Greyhound Reader and has been sent in for the March reader.  The Reader comes out November, January, March and May.  As we move along in the year, we’ll send out notices to all seniors, add an article to the May newsletter, have an article in the school newspaper in March (before the registration increases on April 1) and then all calls. As needed, we’ll make signage and sign-ups at the school entrance.  Webpage has been created with volunteer slots and each chair person should sign up for a volunteer shift, and sign up only once for one spot on http://www.volunteersignup.org/F7FHM .  Volunteers should add their telephone where they can be reached near the time of volunteering, in the event someone needs to reach you the day of the event.  The signup will be adjusted, a draft email sent to Kathy, and then a general notice sent out to all the volunteers that signed up at JumpStart.    Everyone who signs up will receive a ‘confirmation email’ to the email address provided.

Treasurer and Registration – Jena Hart reported that we have about 140 signed up, but many have not paid.  We’re on track with the monies and registration.

Other updates:

  • Senior Video:  Birchlog Staff…Karen Allison contact will contact Kirstin Peterson to get a report on how the video is coming along.
  • Photo Booth/Jack Rendulich contact:  Maria Woods- no report.
  • George Swanson Video contact: Kathy Lofstuen has made contacts and things are set.

NEXT MEETING: March 19th. We also need to change the March meeting back to March 19th as there is a choir concert on March 12th.