East High School ANGP Meeting, November 7, 2011  — Submitted by Teresa Norberg-King

Attendees:  Kathy Lofstuen, Teresa Norberg-King, Chris Holappa, Jena Hart, Peg VanHouse, Michelle Carlson, Kim Gilbertson, Jill Solem, Carol Jacobson, Cheryl Klemond, Lisa Harma, Valerie Hess, Maria Wood, Karen Allison, Peg Lee, Gayle Thornton Henneck, Karen Allison, Moira Olson

General introductions were made.  Kathy Lofstuen discussed the plans for the committee; and noted that this is her last year as Chair.  Need someone (junior parent) to step up and help with the event so the transition for next year is easier.  Typically, one junior and one senior parent are co-chairs for the committees.  Teresa volunteered to take minutes at this meeting. 

Discussion of committees and changes to committee structures were discussed.  Volunteer/committee changes were as follows:  Moira Olson moved from Entertainment to Decorating.  Maria Woods volunteered to help on committee or activities as needed.  Cheryl Klemond volunteered to help on donations. Lisa Harma and Deb VanHouse volunteered to help on Entertainment, and Valerie Hess agreed to help co-chair the committee, as she has a junior.

 Kathy Lofstuen Valerie Hess
Chris Holappa 
Kim Gilbertson
Jill Solem
Teresa Norberg-King
Registration & Treasury
Jena Hart
Lisa Harma
Deb Johnson 
Karen Allison
Gayle Thornton Henneck
Baby/Grad Photos
Amy Schneider
Cheryl Klemond
Michelle Carlson
Moira Olson
Peg Lee
Karen Andersen
Patti Harvieux
T-Shirts and Design 
Dena Cyr 
Volunteer to Help On
Peg VanHouse
Carol Jacobson
Cheryl Klemond
Decorations as needed
Maria Wood
Anywhere needed
Lisa Harma
Valerie Hess
Chair committee

Registration and TreasuryJenna Hart has the proposed budget and will post that on the ANGP; need to find out who can post and what files are needed for linking.  Teresa Norberg-King will find out from Patty Harvieux (webmaster) what we need and provide updated information to the committee.

Volunteers Coordinator: Teresa has the list of the 2012 graduating list on the ANGP webpage; students who have signed up and paid need to be added.  This information is currently held by Jena Hart (treasurer).  Also, the Volunteers coordinator job includes the ‘security’ which means that we have security folks assigned on the volunteer list.  Also, committee members must sign up to be on the volunteer list. We don’t want to overrun the Seniors with chaperones.  We cannot allow any students to leave without advance permission or contacting their parent/guardian in the event of illness.

Entertainment: Moira has a map of the floor layout for the UMD event.  Only need to contact the hypnotist and DJ at this point in time.  Last year there were numerous booths:  Hypnotist, DJ, Fortune Teller, Magician, Hairstylist/Nails, Photo Booth, caricaturists, airbrush and henna tattoos, massage therapist, arcade games, climbing wall, and party inflatable’s (e.g., 70 foot obstacle course, a defender dome).  Also in the past, there’s been volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, dodge ball, a class flag, and the prize wheel.   Suggest that one parent help arrange for the Hairstyling, massage areas, or anywhere times are scheduled and when they can contact the students that their times are coming up.

Food: A brief update on the food was presented.  Through UMD the food provider that is the first option is Famous Dave’s (unless they decline).  They had a few vegetarian options last year; and we’ve asked for students to let us know on the registration forms and can provide update through the year.

Baggage: Everything went well last year; will work the same.  Ask that the list of volunteers go out to the committee chairs with phone numbers prior to event.

Decorations:  Plans are similar to last year, except less glitter!

Baby/Grad Photos:  Request for photos will be added to an all call to senior parents, and to upcoming announcements.         

Donations:  The list needs to be updated; some businesses are no longer in existence.  Mailing will go out this fall and then again in the spring.  Chris Holappa will update the list of merchants/donations with information; given the information on how to do this.

Prizes:  Kim Gilbertson and Jill Solem have agreed to run this area.  Goal is to have a prize for all students.  They will need to figure out how to track who’s won a prize, and how to register for the big prizes at the end of the night. 

Senior Video: Graduation photographs are taken at graduation by Jack Rendulich, and there’s a link on our ANGP webpage.  Video of the graduation, the ANGP is put together by George Swanson.  He films the event, and burns each video to a DVD for each ANGP student, who is handed the DVD as they leave the Party.   Birch Log is supposed to be preparing a video of the student photographs.

ActionKathy Lofstuen will contact George for the 2012 graduation; Karen Allison will contact the Birch Log to find out who/how they are managing their end of the video.  Maria Woods will contact Jack Rendulich.

Notices:  Sign-ups, Articles for the Greyhound reader are made in each issue (January, March and May—issues have submission), general notices (All-Call) from the school, and article for the Hound paper need to be organized. 

Action:  These will be handled by Teresa Norberg-King and electronic copies maintained in the book, and the Google email.

T-Shirts and Design: No update at this meeting.

Watch your email and the website for the exact place and time in January!  Thank you!